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This section includes articles on anything wedding related, with more articles to follow shortly!

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Choosing the right wedding photographer for you

How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer?

A comprehensive article discussing how to book the best wedding photographer for YOU!

It covers all aspects of wedding photography and what to look for when in your ideal photographer. It explains the different styles of wedding photography, talks budgets, explains the different ways you can receive your wedding photographs and even touches on the photographers personality!

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A guide to planning a wedding

Hints and Tips on "Planning a Wedding"

How To Plan A Wedding - A guide full of hints and tips on how to go about planning for a successful wedding day celebration.

Not only does the guide cover some of the organisational things that you will need to do, but it also includes lots of help and advice on how to ensure the actual day runs beautifully and without a hitch.

It covers things like how to successfully arrange the Formal Family and Friends group photographs, hints and tips about the morning of the wedding, the speeches, it even touches on the Honeymoon!

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A guide to planning a wedding

How To Organise The "Family & Friends" Formal Photos

How To Organise The Formal Group Photographs - A short guide to help you organise the lovely "Friends & Family" formal group photographs.

These are the photographs that are normally taken after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast.

Without a little planning, this part of the day can easily turn chaotic, resulting in people being "missed-off" the photos and them also taking way too long, causing timing issues for the meal!

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