How To Get Great Photographs

So it's your wedding day and all the months of planing have been focussed around this day and you want it to be special. You will also want to be able to look back at your wedding album and be reminded about just how special the day was. You will want to see how happy you were, how magical the day was and how much your guests enjoyed your big day.

So to help ensure you can look back on simply stunning photographs, we have put together a few snippets of advice and tips for you and your guests. The tips are in no particular order of importance and won't all necessarily apply to every single wedding.


tick Book a photographer who you feel comfortable with. If you don't feel at ease, then you are going to struggle to get the relaxed photographs you would like. Look at reviews from their previous clients and see if they mention about feeling at ease and relaxed with the photographer. Get this right and you are a long way towards getting some stunning photographs!

tick Be open and honest when discussing your likes and dislikes with your chosen photographer. Make sure they understand in advance exactly what you are looking for.

tick Trust your photographer to get the best shots by using great locations, lighting, backdrops etc. In other words - don't stress, you enjoy your day and let them get on with it!

tick Love the lens! Quite simply, think of the front of the lens as a best friend. If the photographer asks you to look at the lens, then simply look at the glass at the front of the lens; not slightly to the side or above or below, but at the centre of the lens

You don't have to "stare the lens out" just look at the lens in a relaxed manner. The difference in the finished photograph cannot be underestimated. You will look "connected", "engaged", "involved", rather than "distant" and "uninterested". So love the lens when the photographer asks you to and you will love your photos!!

tick Listen to any "on the day" advice or suggestions your photographer may give you. Don't forget they will have experienced many weddings and will almost certainly be giving you good advice that will either make your day run smoother or help to get some great photographs for your album!

tick Encourage your guests to be at the ceremony venue in good time, this will help the day run a little more stress-free. Also ask them to be seated ready for your arrival and NOT to be waiting outside when you arrive - it just delays things if they have to get in and seated at the very last minute!

tick Whilst we are talking about your guests, please ask them to be ready (and patient) for the formal group photographs. With their cooperation this part of the day can be completed in a timely manner, allowing everyone to get on with enjoying your wedding with minimal delay!

tick One of the best ways to minimise the time taken to complete the formal "family and friends" group shots is to ensure you produce a list of the various permutations of people you definitely want. This will really help this part of the day run smoothly and ensure that in the hecticness of the day you don't forget someone! and we are always more than happy to add extra photos on the day if you require.

tick Be prepared to spend around 30 minutes with the photographer to get some lovely "bride & Groom" photographs for your album. We recommend that this really is just the two of you and the photographer, allowing the guests some time to check the bar out before you return!

tick Allow at least 90 minutes from the end of your ceremony before the start of your wedding breakfast. This should be ample time to get all the "family and friends" group shots, plus the romantic bride and groom shots for your album. If you don't allow about 90 minutes then you could find the photographs end up feeling "rushed" and this will start to show in peoples faces on the photographs!


cross Look back on your photographs with regrets. By that we mean things like "I know it was raining, but I wish we had gone outside for a few quick fun photos" or "I know people were at the bar, but I wish now that we had been bothered to round them up to do a great group photograph of everybody!

cross Let bad weather put you off getting some great photographs. Your photographer should be capable of getting photographs in any weather and sometimes they make for the best shots!

Snowy wedding

cross Feel stressed about your photographs - enjoy your time in front of the camera; laugh, smile, relax and have fun! You'll end up with some stunning photographs if you do!