I'm Glenn, a Nottingham based photographer who has had a passion for photography going back much further than I care to remember.

From my early teenage years I always seemed to have a camera with me, although in those days it was a normally a compact "Instamatic" and I would photograph almost anything - friends, family, a stunning sunset, a quirky corner shop, the list was endless.

As the years moved on, so did my cameras and my experience. My very first SLR (yes that was film not digital!) was a Russian made Zenit TTL, which was great for learning how to manually control your camera!

Glenn Mather

Sadly, I no longer have that camera, but I do still have the second SLR that I bought, a Cosina CSR; again a manual camera, but this time with a lovely f1.7 lens and "Spot Metering" - trust me in it's day this was a stunning piece of kit.

Whilst I started my photographic adventure using colour and black & white film, these days I primarily use high quality, full frame Canon digital equipment including the superb 5d Mark IV, and Canon's flagship "L" series Lens, all to ensure you receive finished images of the highest technical standard.

Fast forwarding a few years and after studying photography at both Nottingham’s Castle College and more recently at Derby University, I was able to use my passion for photography in a marketing environment, before starting my own Wedding Photography business that allowed me to get my "photography fix" on a full time basis - trust me you can't beat doing the job you love!

With my years of experience, the skills I have acquired and my studies of all things photography, I can promise you wonderful photographic memories of your special day, memories that will be cherished for years to come and maybe even passed down the generations as an heirloom.

Because I really do love my job, I will probably be more passionate about your day than you will - okay, maybe you might just edge me into second place!

However, my passion doesn't mean I'll be in your face - my style is actually quite relaxed, not pushy and telling your story through mostly natural photographs and definitely not too many posed shots.

My philosophy is simple -

"this is your wedding, not my photo shoot"

I love to blend into the background, this allows me to get those wonderful natural shots of people celebrating your special day, all without feeling they are on a photo shoot!!

When I do actually put my cameras down and close Photoshop on the computer, I love spending time with friends and family, maybe a nice walk, I love watching Ice Hockey and definitely enjoy a good movie with a "little tipple" on the side!!

I'd love to find out a little about you and your special day, so why not...

...give me a call - i love to talk weddings!

Glenn x

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