Frequently asked questions

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What Area Do You Cover?
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Do We Get An Album?
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How Do We Book?
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How Many Photos Do We Get?
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Do You Take Family Photos?
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Do We Get Copyright?
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How Much Is The Deposit?
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How do you operate on the day?

Natural wedding photography

I've been a guest at weddings where instead of it being the happy couples special day, it almost became the photographers big day!!

My philosophy is simple - this is your day, not mine. We will discuss exactly what you want from your photography. Apart from any formal group shots of family and friends that YOU want, my style is very much of blending into the background, getting those lovely natural looking, candid shots as the day unfolds.

Many people have commented that they had forgotten that I was there, but the results were just brilliant.

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Can we have an album containing our choice of photographs?

Yes - Unlike many other Nottingham photographers who charge extra for an album, my SILVER and GOLD Packages both include an album in the price - All the albums are UK made, book-bound Wedding Albums, containing your choice of professionally printed photographs, all individually mounted.


If you would like a full-size wedding album with the Midweek or Bronze Package, this can be ordered seperately after the wedding. See the Optional Extra's page for more details.

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What area do you cover?

I'm based in Nottingham and typically cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and the East Midlands. However I am more than happy to travel, so just give me a call and we can quickly agree any travel costs if necessary.

National Coverage
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Can we book an extra hours coverage?

Not a problem - Sometimes the timings of your special day may benefit from an extra hour(s) and can be added to any package if you require. Each additional hour is charged at just £100 an hour.

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How do we make a booking?

To secure the date and book us for your special day, then I just require a £99 deposit. This payment can be made in cash, bank transfer or by cheque. Contact me for more details.

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How do the payments work?

Unlike some companies, I do not require large deposits or payment in full up front.

Just £99 deposit secures your booking, I then require 75% of the outstanding balance four weeks before your wedding, the final balance is not payable until you receive your photographs AFTER your wedding.

Example: Bronze Package - Total price £499

a) £99 deposit to secure the booking (leaving £400 outstanding)

b) 75% ~ £300 due 28 days before your wedding

c) £100 final payment on delivery of your photographs

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Can we have some Black & White, Misty Border, Selective Colour photos?

Yes - During the editing stage, I will produce images in black & white or misty surround etc where they are appropriate. These will normally go on your selection slideshow alongside the full colour version. You can then decide which you prefer.

Black and white wedding photograph
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How many photographs will we receive?

This will vary with each wedding, but for example, a Bronze Package could easily result in 250+ photos for you to choose from from your album.

Whereas a Silver Package (8 hour attendance) will normally produce a selection slideshow containing upwards of 400 to choose from.

Pile of wedding photos

Unlike some photographers, I do not put an upper limit on the number of photographs presented to the client. So the happier you and your guests are to be in-front of the camera, the more choice of photos you will receive!

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We've seen one of your images we really like - can you reproduce it for us?

I will certainly try - no problem. Do however note that your "Style" of wedding, venue type, time of year, lighting etc. will have a very large bearing on the final look of your photographs.

Grand wedding photo

P.S. Unlike some photographers, ALL the photographs you see on this website were taken by me during REAL weddings, not stylised photo shoots incorporating models, special locations and lighting!

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Will we receive every photograph taken on the day?

Many photographers will put an upper limit on the number of photos they will provide; but I will provide you with as many usable photos as possible.

However, because a wedding is a "real-time" event, there are inevitably some photographs that simply don't work for a variety of reasons, e.g. someone walks in between the camera and the subject just as the shutter is released!

In addition, multiple shots of some scenes maybe taken (e.g. multiple shots of the same wedding group), in these cases I may only present the best one to you to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Rest assured you will receive as many photographs as possible, but this will not be every single photograph taken on the day.

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Can we have the unedited photographs?

I only supply edited, high resolution photographs to you; either as prints in your wedding album and / or digital images. This is no different to a musician or author only wanting you to experience their finished work, not their work in progress.

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Do you require us to provide you with a meal?

I love food as much as the next guy and if I am with you all day then a meal would be certainly appreciated, but it is really not essential. I'm there to work not eat your food!

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Can you supply Parent Albums?

Yes, Parent Wedding Albums are available for just £125 each. The front cover will say either "Our Sons Wedding" or "Our Daughters Wedding". Our GOLD package includes two Parent albums in the price.

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What cameras do you use?

I'm sure you don't really care! but I am actually a Canon Professional, using Full-Frame camera bodies (5d3 and 5d4) plus top of the range Canon "L" series Lens and carry spares, plus plenty of batteries and memory cards.

canon 5d camera
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We're just starting the planning process - do you have any practical advice?

Yes, I have a totally FREE "Planning a Wedding Guide" complete with useful hints, tips and advice when "Planning a Wedding" - Click Here. The information in this guide should help you plan a fantastic day of celebration and I would love to be there to tell your story!

You should also check out my Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Wedding Photographer!

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These are many of the frequently asked questions by wedding couples, but please do Contact Me if you have any further questions that would help you in your decision making process.

or call us on:

07532 458 689 at any time.

PS) Check out comments from previous Nottingham couples on the Review Page!

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Why use a professional photographer

You sometimes hear people say wedding photography is so expensive and wedding couples may be advised to get a friend to undertake their wedding photography or maybe uncle Bob has got a new camera, so why not ask him - it will cost so much less!

Asking a friend to photograph your wedding is a huge responsibility - the pressure on them is enormous.

A wedding is a "real-time" event, you can't stop the wedding, or go back to do it again just because Uncle Bob has got to change the settings on his camera and missed your first kiss or that intimate glance!

Do you really want to put a friend under that pressure?

If photography really isn't that important to you then go ahead - ask a friend, but if you want the story of your special day telling through beautiful images, then please invest in a professional. You won't regret it!

Apart from the fact that Uncle Bob or a friend will probably have zero experience of actually photographing a wedding, or of working without flash in low-light conditions, they will probably be lacking many of the essentials, like back-up cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, working knowledge of the best places to photograph at the venue, etc and almost certainly won't have public liability insurance, which many venues will insist on!

So please find below a brief summary of some of what really goes into professional wedding photography!

Here's just some of what you'll get...

Use a professional photographer

Don't forget - your photographs are normally all you will have to look back on; your flowers fade, your food gets eaten, the venue gets used by others, the hired suits go back - It's just your photographs that survive, not just wonderful memories for you, but as an heirloom for generations to come!

Don't look back with regret - Use a professional!

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Do you take family & friends photos?

Yes, I understand these are very important. How often is everyone together and dressed to kill!

Family group photo

Many local photographers try and restrict the number of group photos to around 8~10 photos. This is usually no where near enough, so I normally suggest you aim for a list that is around 18~20 photos. So much better don't you think!

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Do we receive copyright?

Under English law, the photographer retains the copyright to any image / photograph taken by them.

However, you will receive what is called limited copyright, whereby you are totally free to use any image / photograph that is supplied to you however you so wish; as long as this is not for profit (so you can't sell you photographs to OK Magazine, sorry!!).

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